Logitech Touch Software & ATV/iPhone

Hi, Has anybody tried the new and free Logitech Touch Mouse software already? Here is a Link: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/494/6367&hub=1&cl=us,en?section=downloads. It installs the iTouch-Server App on a Mac/PC. Together with the free iPhone App the phone works as Touchpad via WiFi. I would love to install it on AppleTV. However, I am no geek. Would it work? What would I have to do?

I logged in (use Cyberduck or ftp://frontrow@AppleTV.local:21/) and dropped it into the /Applications folder and it now appears on the NitoTV menu - I can go to ‘Edit Controls’ for it but when I launch it all I get is the Apple logo.

It does work with my Mac and iPhone - typing this on iPhone now - it sticks in CAPSLOCK when you hit shift which is a pain.

Update: Logitech say - “Unfortnately itouch-server requires OSX 10.5 or later and it is not compatible with OSX10.4.x.”

If it’s 10.5+ it’s probably a no-go on the AppleTV. The Remote and Mobile Air Mouse apps work great on the AppleTV.