Login Infuse ATV4

Just purchased ATV4 and tried to use Infuse after all these good comments, however, on the ATV4 app I get the error 'Username and Password combination is incorrect’. What should be used here? Apple ID? Infuse ID? neither seem to work! It does recognize my Imac though! Help!!

Do you mean the Trakt username and login.???

You need an account at www.Trakt.tv to use that feature…

It’s quite useful, it tracks what shows you watch over multiple devices… Not fully implemented yet with watched/unwatched markers but fingers crossed it will be in a future release…


I’m having the same exact issue. It’s referring to your Username and Password for the Mac / PC you are trying to link (the Administrator Password). It has nothing to do with Apple ID. I tried a Mac Mini media server, a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air. Issue is still present: ‘Username and Password is incorrect.’ I’m not sure why it’s not accepting any Username and Passwords. Good luck, and please reply if you find a fix. It would be greatly appreciated.


Found a solution, if you haven’t already: http://firecore.com/forum/topic/14044