Lock screen while using HDMI adapter/AirPlay

It would be really nice if the player continued playing when you lock the screen of your device. This feature is available on YouTube & Netflix already.

The behavior on Infuse is to cut the video whenever I lock the screen.
iPhone 6 or iPad Mini Retina are connected to the screen via the Lightning AV Adapter. I believe the same behavior takes place with AirPlay, but I can’t check.


Tried the “Background” setting, but just Audio passes through. I loose the video.

Background playback is available when AirPlaying, though iOS doesn’t allow us to stream via HDMI while the device is locked.

That is interesting, this behavior is ok when using YouTube or Netflix app. I can lock the screen and have the video play perfectly.

Also, another thing that I’ve noticed is that when using infuse, with the AV adapter, the screen resolution is a bit small. Like the adapter adds a padding/margin (5%) to the projected image. It starts normally, but as the movie progresses, it reduces the size of the image.