Lock/freeze upon changing episodes (ATV/FTP?)

Recently, about 1/3 of the time on Apple TV, the circular loading animation pauses for more than 1 minute when switching between episodes before requiring restarting Infuse to resume playing. Ftp logs show what looks like proper pre-loading/caching during this time, but my theory is switching to the pre-loaded episode sometimes fails?

Attached is the ftp log.vsftpd.log.txt (9.9 KB)

It may help to submit the diagnostics and post the code here also.

I didn’t know submitting diagnostics was even an option until your suggestion. I’ll do that as well.

It’s not always needed but for certain types of issues it may be beneficial.

You don’t have to email anything, you can just post the 5 digit code here in the thread.

We have been experiencing this exact issue also for at least a few months now, kept thinking it will get fixed with either an Apple TV update or an infuse update and have just been restarting infuse each time it happens every day. Didn’t think to report it but thought I should mention it so it is recognized as happening to more than one person :smile:

Thanks for adding your experience @DazMj .

@NC_Bullseye - I submitted diagnostic logs with the code CTMPN