Lock cover art

If this question has been asked, I apologize for the repeat.

Is there a way to lock the cover art fetched from TMD. I had all my cover perfectly adjusted and then this morning, the cover/poster changed this morning because someone probably upvoted their particular favorite poster on TMD.


No there isn’t. iCloud artwork would fix it but it keeps getting pushed out. This is affecting me too and is getting quite annoying. Everyday I have several posters that change, sometimes more than once. I hardly can recognize my library anymore. Also very distracting to have them changing while I am browsing.

I’m pretty sure it’s just people upvoting artwork and it’s a close race so keeps going back and forth

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I’m moving this to suggestions.

I agree with what munpip214 said

I’m not sure if it’s artwork being upvoted or if it’s getting rid of posters that may be copyrighted and replacing them with cartoon style replacements. Just my guess.

I think that would be the ONLY way we could keep what we like for artwork. Including the posters we could provide locally and have them backed to iCloud would be nice.

Moving to suggestions is a good call.

This needs to be reverted to the old software way which was once it was there it was fixed unless you manually changed it or put a custom jpg … not sure why this was changed as it’s an absolutely enormous waste of app resources that the program has to use by checking every movie folder against thmdb or thetvdb EVERY TIME metadata is running. I’ve seen my 007 posters change 4 x in a week (to some pretty awful ones) - implementing the pick your own like Plex (which I understand is coming) would be good - otherwise revert to the older method please James. “If it aint broken …” :wink:

I’m gonna throw my hat in the ring for this.
It’s the only thing for me that lets infuse down, go to play a movie today and once again notice a change of posters on some movies from 2 days previous.
It’s all down to the voting on TMDB.

Make sure to like the first post. Hopefully it will get some attention. I have a feeling we might not see iCloud artwork until after macOS version comes out, if that’s the solution

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iCloud artwork won’t help ! Infuse needs to revert back to where it cached a poster and did NOT change it unless you forced it to - even though Infuse deny this I know it never used to happen … I’m now having to make sure I add my own jpg to important movies to ensure they don’t change :frowning: the other thing that Infuse could help with is to contact themovidb and thetvdb and get them to increase voting on posters to a much higher level so that the 14 year old numpty can’t hero picking his badly designed poster as default. Just as annoying is the “ratings” issue which bears as much of a relationship to true life as Trump does !!! IMDB and Tomato’s please ??? Plex can do it - why can’t Infuse ?

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Sure it will. The first time you load the movie it will save the poster in iCloud and then lock it in. After that if you load to a new device or the Apple TV cache gets wiped out it can grab the same poster from iCloud. Currently the biggest issue is the regular updates while using, which definitely needs to be paused, but if you did reset your device or get a new one it would most likely load a different picture at that point. Then between your devices they wouldn’t match.

Is the artwork stored in iCloud no longer on the roadmap? what happened to that… that will be a godsend… thanks!

I believe that it’s still planned, but it’s part of a “chicken/egg” timeline since their also looking to switch from TVDB to TMDB for TV shows and that will then allow them to work on the artwork/iCloud sync project. Wouldn’t make since to have to re-write the code for a new API. I’d guess it’ll be back on the posted list once we hit V7 of Infuse. Strictly a guess on my part though.

ahhh gotcha… makes sense then :slight_smile: thanks for the update!

Well I damn we’ll that it IS a guess because the mere thought of my whole TV database having to get nuked by Firecore switching from TVDB TO TMDB would be nothing short of an unadulterated fiasco and nightmare for EVERYONE (ATV users) … why is it that they seem to pay no regard to what we need and require (and what we rely on) such as not having proper ratings for movies and ignoring bug reports such as the under folder txt disappearing if you change the child folder names from. Series to Season !!! (Which you have to now if you want to have custom folder.jpg’s) - issue reported twice - not looked at - and then denied fault is there ??? They also seem to have no clear understanding of HOW users configure their ATV’s to work with a MediaServer !