Locating a certain episode within an anime series

Hi, I’m relatively new to the forum, and just want to raise an issue I’m having with the Infuse experience.
When trying to watch an episode from an Anime series, or any series with many episodes for that matter, it’s very hard to navigate to a certain range of episodes. Say I want to watch the ~500th episode, I’d have to scroll like crazy for a while to reach there. It’s even worse to the point of almost impossible to do on Mac, where you have to endlessly click on the right arrow. On ATV things are pretty much the same. I suppose some sort of list view or at least a sidebar making fast scrolling possible would make things better.
If anyone has any current solution it would be much appreciated!

Welcome to the forum!

First, do you have 500+ episodes all in one directory? It’s much easier if you have them separated into seasons.

Second, if you place the cursor over the row can’t you just swipe either the mouse surface or the trackpad to scroll through faster?

Thanks for the tips!

For the first point do you mean artificially dividing the series into seasons? Because it series itself doesn’t have seasons.

Second, using a trackpad would be similar to using iOS/ipados, but for non-apple mice of desktop setups, there isn’t a clear solution.

Overall I feel like the UI works fine with regular movies/TV shows, and maybe the scenario above is a minority’s issue.

What’s the name of the show?

Edit to add: On the ATV have you tried the “List View” setting?

As weird as it feels I find sorting by date to alleviate that issue on the few long running anime I watch. So ep 500 is the first episode you see instead of ep 1. Less scrolling.