Localized DVD Menu

Hello FireCore-Team,

is it possible to show the DVD-Menu in my Home-Language?

Most of the Time the DVD-Menu is in more than one Language, mostly (in Region 2 - DVD’s) English, German, Spain or Italy.

If i (German) want to watch a DVD in the MediaPlayer on my AppleTV it is only show in english. There is no possibility

to choose a Menu-Language for the DVD.

Did your work on that?


Thank you,




If you hold down the OK button when playing a video, a menu is displayed that allows you to select the audio track and sub-titles language.

Yes, i know. But there is mostly the complete DVD-Menu Navigation in more than 1 Language. If open the DVD’s on my Mac in der DVDPlayer-App i get the German (is my default selection) Menu. German Text and the German Language as Default-Selection.