LocalHostName trouble on Mac after adding to Media Player Shares

There’s some kind of bug or weird behavior with shares in Media Player. When I add my iMac to shares on the Apple TV after some time my iMac tells me it’s local hostname is already in use and the system automatically changed it to “local hostname (2)”.

I know how to manage host names on Mac using the Terminal and I can change it back, but to make it work again, I have to delete the share from Media Players settings or at least switch of my Apple TV.

Has anybody an idea why Media Player is doing that (“blocking” my local hostname)? :/

Is your iMac connected via wifi or ethernet? This probably has more to do with your router than the Apple TV, as the iMac may be dropping off the network. When reconnecting the router still thinks the first iMac is connected so it changes the name automatically.

That’s exactly what I thought in the first place, but this issue is nothing I got once or twice. I’m investigating this issue for months now and tried a lot. The only thing that helped, was to delete the share from Media Players settings on the Apple TV. Once I’ve done that the problem was and still is gone.

The iMac is connected via WiFi and the router is a Time Capsule.

Hmm, is the iMac in a place where it can be connected via ethernet? It might be worth trying that for a week or so to see if the same issue pops up.

I’d just need a longer Ethernet cable. As soon as I got one, I will try that.