Local vs network files

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using infuse pro on multiple devices for about 6 months now. Very happy so far.

I have my media stored on a NAS at home, when traveling I download the files to infuse on my iPad to store locally. There are two behaviors that don’t quite make sense:

  1. infuse doesn’t seem to differentiate between locally stored files and network stored files.
  2. infuse will try to play files that are on the network, even when the Network is not available. (Often crashing the app)

So two questions come up, could infuse add a way to filter files, perhaps: local/network/all, maybe adding a tab at the bottom ? (Or have I just missed it?) or could infuse update which files are displayed in the app based on what is actually currently available/playable?

As a side note, a „recently watched“ on the Home Screen would be awesome!

Thanks for any help or comments!