Local subtitles for BDMV folders

I have an ATV 4K and play perfect for mkv file with local subtitles. But it cannot use local subtitles when I play UHD BDMV folder.
Please guide me how to enable local subtitles when I play BDMV folder?

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Local subtitles are not currently available for folder based videos (BDMV, VIDEO_TS, etc…) but this is an addition we hope to look into for an upcoming version.


Thanks for your feedback. Hope you can add this function soon.

Me too

Please add this to future releases.
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Hi James,
Is there any reason for take BDMV subtitles support away? (ex. copyright…)
Because mkv can support subtitles.

Just to clarify, subtitles present in BDMV files can be used normally. It’s just external subtitles cannot be used at this time for folder-based videos like BDMV.

It’s simply a feature that has not yet been implemented, but is on our list to look into.

Can Infuse play forced subtitles in BDMV Folders…so i have not to select the subtitles only for a few foreign sentences in a movie?
Is it automatically inserted , like its work for .mkv files?
I think it won’t work for BDMV or?

Hi james,
Local subtitles folder based videos (BDMV, VIDEO_TS, etc…) when available ?
release 5.6.7 or 5.7


+1 (++++)


+1, really need this feature, pls add it. Thank you!

Really need external subtitle features, but at now infuse6 pro still cannot add this features, so sad ><"


Should be index.srt for open subdirectories and .srt for ISO files.

“Improved DVD/Blu-Ray playback with external subtitles”

This update change something in this case?

any updates?

I want to know, how can i add an external sub file to a bluray folder.
I tried several things but, i did not succeded. Ä°nfuse did not recognise that external subtitle file and did not show on the film main menu :frowning:
film name is white, main folder name is white too.
Where should i put the external sub file and what name?

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This is not available yet, but is on our radar to add in an upcoming version.

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Depending on titles in my BDMV folder, I can either 1) only use subtitles in the BDMV or 2) in addition use subtitles from opensubtitles, but not local ones or imported ones (I import subtitles from iOS and watch on tvOS). In addition, for 2), some subs are not loaded properly.