Local Storage?

Hey Guys,

I am confused. When I downloaded infuse on tvOS, I assume it would work the same as the ones on my iPhone and iPad. But I only found an option to use network shares. For me, I normally just load my movies right into infuse via iTunes. Could there be an option to upload movies into infuse on my apple tv via the local http server method? Totally appreciate this.


I think Apple never will allow to perform local storage in ATV4. In fact, apps filesize cannot exceed 200mb. So a 1080p movie is way too much.

No, the initial app download is indeed capped at 200MB, but from there an app can download an additional 2GB of data. That data isn’t persistent though, so even if that would be used to store data, the OS can delete it at any time, so the app cannot asume the data is stored locally…

Why don’t you simply use airplay from your iPad/iPhone? Infuse iOS allows that and it works pretty well