Local Metadata vs Online Metadata - Problem in Collections


Right now I have all my movies with a .nfo & .jpg file, containing movie info and poster for that movie.

I want to think (correct me if I am wrong) that it is always to use Local Metadata since it will be faster for Infuse.

In every .nfo file, I have described the name of the movie’s collection, in case it belong to a movieset.

My problem is that Infuse behaves in two different ways when using local metadata and Online metadata:

  1. When using Local metadata, eventhough movie is correctly identified, it doesn’t group movie collections on library view
  2. When using online metadata, with the same movie identifier, movie collections are grouped on library view

Is there any way I can use local metadata and having movie collections grouped on library view?

I take the chance to ask if it really make sense to have .nfo or not into our folders…

What happens when there ir a .nfo file and we have selected online metadata? Does it read movie reference from the nfo file and afterwards, download information from TMDB? Or what is the process infuse realize?

Currently, Collections are only available when using online metadata, as Infuse will need to pull down the relevant info from TMDb.

Also, there won’t be a difference in browsing speed between using local vs online metadata. The online sources are only used for the initial fetching. Once fetched, the info remains on your device for fast access.

Thanks for your response.

Reading to your response, just one more question regarding this issue.

I have realized that sometimes, some movie are not recognized by TMDB into a colletions it should belong to.

When something like that happens, I manually put that movie into that collection using TinyMediaManager, writting afterwards the information into the .nfo that goes besides the movie.

If I use then online metadata… that information will be ignored? Or Infuse will read the .nfo file to recognize movie title and movie collection, and after that, It will go online to look for information of that movie & colletion?

To sum up… Is there any way to manually force a movie to belong to a specific collection?

Another question please, that just came to my mind right now!

I also setup genres in movies, creating my own genres, which are stored in .nfo files.

I guess that using local metadata, that genres will be stored in the library, while using online metadata, my genres will be discharged and it will use TMDB genres? Am I right?

It would be great to be able to combine both local and online metadata, working this way:

  1. It will look into .nfo (if any) for movie recognition & information
  2. It will apply genres & collection from local .nfo
  3. It will then go online to fill up movie collection information

That way, movie identification will work always as expected, anyone could have their own genres, or at least, aditional ones, and collections will work great in local metadata, grouping movies of one collection.

Infuse does not currently allow for manual creation of Collections, but it’s something we may consider for the future. What you can do, if you want to have these items grouped is to create different playlists from each and these can be accessed via the Library.

With regard to fetching, what you describe is exactly how Infuse currently works.

With metadata fetching enabled, Infuse will first look to see if you have any XML or NFO files. If these are present, it will use the info from these. It will then query the online databases to fill in any missing gaps.

My situation is that I am trying to use the Infuse 6 program/app on three iPads in an area that has no internet access.

My movies have been ripped from purchased DVDs. At my house (LOC-1), which has an Internet connection, I place the movies on an external hard drive.

I then take the hard drive to another location that DOES NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS (LOC-2). I attach the external hard drive directly to a different WiFi router operating as a closed network that is solely dedicated to the broadcasting of the movies on the external hard drive. I then access the movies the three iPads with the infuse 6 app.

I have been able to accomplish this to some degree but have always had some issues with metadata and subtitles.

My PRIMARY GOAL is to only transport the hard drive between the two locations and have the iPads remain at LOC-2 since their only purpose is to watch movies via infuse from the broadcast of movies from the hard drive.

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