Local Metadata Structure Questions.

Hi all, I have some chinese TV shows in my NAS, unfortunately infuse can not fetch those metadata automatically, following instructions on Metadata 101 – Firecore , I maganed to make it work, partially.

My folder structure:

- My Chinese TV Show
    -Season 1

What is woking:

  • folder image for top level folder
  • episode thumbnail(when expand that episode) and metadata

However, there are still something not working:

  • episode thumbnail when not expanded, it's still a snapshot of that video
  • episode do not merge into season, shows like 'Season 01 Episode 01', 'Season 01 Episode 02'
  • not present in the Library

sorry for my poor written english, any tip or example appreciated.

Welcome to the forum!

Do you currently have the Metadata Fetching option enabled in Infuse > Settings > General?

Thank you james, I have that option enabled, but no available metadata found by infuse, all infamation files are added manually(like S01E01.xml, S01E01.jpg mentioned above).

currently, the troubles are:

  • infuse DO NOT group videos(like S01E01.mp4, S01E02.mp4 mentioned above) into seasons
  • CAN NOT add information about series and seasons

I think I need to add more files(like series.xml, season-1.xml) to supply the missing infomation, but unfortunately, I can not find instructions on that subject.
james, could you please show me some examples of TV Shows metadata structure and grammers that can work like fetching automatically by infuse?

again, thank you very much.

What is the real name of the TV show you are having problems with? What is the exact name of the TV show folder you are trying to fix?

We’ll see if we can figure out what’s causing you trouble.

Hi Bullseye.
the actual folder structure is like this:

└── Season 1
    ├── S01E01.jpg
    ├── S01E01.mp4
    ├── S01E01.xml
    ├── S01E02.jpg
    ├── S01E02.mp4
    ├── S01E02.xml
    ├── ...(more)
    └── S01E28.xml

the title is in chinese and I can’t find a proper translation for it, so I used a false name.
those images and xml files are added manually.

Okay, lets go at this a different way. Can you find the series on thetvdb.com? If so, could you provide a link to that page?

I double checked thetvdb.com but found nothing related, so is it possible if I add the infomation to thetvdb.com and then infuse can fetch it?
that somehow solves this trouble.

That would work! If you have the information and artwork and you enter it once it’s approved by thetvdb it will be available to infuse. I’ve done that on a few series on thetvdb and movies with themoviedb.

You might want to look on imdb.com and see if you can find it there. They have a major database of shows and if they have it you can copy their work over to thetvdb.

Thank you, I will give it a try!

How is this possible? i Have the same settings in Infuse 4 pro and Infuse 5 (subscription) but my TV shows shows different covers (on my iphone, ipad and apple tv 4 is the same). On Infuse 4 Pro are covers “more” actual and new, as on Infuse 5? Any ideas?