Local Metadata Keeps Getting Turned On...

Hey all,

Hoping you can help here. I have one or two folders that keep resetting to Local Metadata. It seems to happen every day / every 24 hours. Not seeming to occur every time that I put the apple TV to sleep.

Basically, for this one folder, every day I have to go into the menu and tell it to use Online Metadata. We aren’t setting it to use Local Metadata, it just seems to switch itself randomly (frequently).

Looking at the Settings tab. I have:

  • Embedded Metadata Off
  • Metadata Fetching On
  • Language: Metadata: English

The only thing that is “unique” about this specific sub folder / set of folders, is that there are a couple shows that aren’t being recognized by the system / can’t be located. Could it be trying to use online metadata, failing, and reverting it’s setting to Local? If so, is there a way to turn off Local Metadata entirely? Or, as has been suggested in prior comments, make it so that the decision on whether to use Local Metadata vs Online be done at a deeper folder level, see below for example:

Here is the directory structure
→ Genre (Local Metadata vs Online option here)
->Show Name (suggesting that Local Metadata vs Online Metadata be settable here)

Are you using Infuse on other devices by chance?

The folder local metadata tags will sync via iCloud, so if you have them set on one device they will sync over to others.

General answer is yes…but very rarely. As in, between when we set it to “use online” and it switches back to local, we don’t access Infuse from another device.

The oddity is that this seems to only happen in this single directory. It seems to occur if the Apple TV has been asleep for more than a half hour or so (doesn’t happen if put to sleep for 1-2 minutes and started up again).

If this happens again, would you mind sending in a report from your device (and opening a support ticket) so we can look further into this?

Will do! Seems to be working again now! So here’s to hoping it resolved itself!