Local Metadata iTunes style with Grouping

Hey Guys,
I’m using Infuse 6.2.2.and am wanting clarification on how Infuse handles iTunes libraries on a network share. The iTunes library has all media with embedded metadata and artwork (I’d prefer using this than fetching seperate data). I’m connecting to my local server via smb and Favourite the Movies and TV Shows folders from inside the iTunes folder. I have those favourites set to use local metadata. I’ve also set preferences, turning on Show filenames, File Management, Embedded Metadata. I see from the post: (Support Fetch Metadata for iTunes TV show file names), that iTunes folder structure is now supported. However Infuse still refuses to group TV show seasons. Do I still have to set metadata fetching on for this to work? If so hoping this can be avoided in a future update.

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In order to use Infuse’s library features, you will need to keep metadata fetching enabled. However, this can be used with embedded metadata, so Infuse will only fetch metadata to fill in any missing gaps that are not covered by your embedded info.