Local metadata identification issue for BDMV folders

I noticed a detail: after I created a local .nfo, Infuse could not recognize the local metadata in the BDMV folder.

I want to know how I can let infuse recognize the local metadata in the BDMV folder, which folder should I put the locally produced .nfo in, or what should be the naming rules?

I think you’ll find your answer in this thread.

Thanks for your reply. I have been using TMM to manage my media. But the .nfo generated by TMM still cannot be recognized by infuse. I have tried to put the .nfo under the BDMV file but it still does not work. So how did you solve this problem?

I am using .NFO format for kodi, is it because my format settings are wrong?

To override info for BDMV folder items you will want to name the NFO file to match the main movie’s folder, and place it next to that folder (not inside).



You can then use the edit metadata option to have Infuse pick up the newly added nfo file.