Local metadata and metadata sharing

So I have a favorite that I have marked as local metadata and it is excluded from my library. It seems, though, that when I browse through it Infuse is downloading metadata anyways and this is taking up storage space. Shouldn’t local mean there should be no downloading and only use files inside the video or in the same directory to define the metadata? It looks like it initially grabbed a screenshot from the video, but then later replaced it with the actual poster.

My second question related to this is if I have two movies that are the same, does infuse share the meta-data or does it have to duplicate everything? I would hope that the cache would be smart enough to be able to look up by movie title as opposed to file name, but maybe not since you assume that different file names might have different local metadata.

I’m pretty sure that with “local” metadata Infuse will use the local but will still do a fetch to fill in any missing info. So you still get the metadata download but Infuse should display what you have placed locally overriding what was DL’d.

I’ll defer to James on the duplicate file metadata. :smile:

I guess that’s what is confusing. With online metadata it is still reading locally placed metadata (posters, xml, etc) and using that instead of the online metadata. So I would have though local wouldn’t. Otherwise I don’t see how this setting is working different.

When using Local Metadata (by either disabling Metadata Fetching, or tagging a folder to use Local Metadata) Infuse will not fetch online metadata whatsoever.

However, it will cache info about these files on your device (embedded details/artwork, generated thumbnails, etc…) so regardless of the setting each file will contribute to the metadata cache size in some way.

With regard to sharing metadata, the answer is yes. If you have 2 copies of Iron Man 2, Infuse would only keep a single image and share that between all copies. The watched history would also sync between the titles, so if you watch 50% of one copy, the other copies would also appear as 50% watched. This is helpful if you have a synced copy on your iPad, and then want to resume the movie on another device like the Apple TV.

Thanks James, I needed a bit of clarification on that. Sorry munpip214, I got it wrong. :wink:

Not to mention the additional confusion of “embedded metadata” LOL

Then I am not sure where all of this metadata came from. I don’t have embedded metadata or any supplementary files. It is just barebone mkvs in this folder.

So unless infuse is matching with other favorites that are using online metadata. I would assume, though, if I don’t have online metadata matching then it wouldn’t even try to determine which movie it matches to on tmdb.

Basically I have my regular Blu-ray copies of movies that do match, and then my “digital copies“ that are small for downloads that are excluded.

ZMMDB code If this helps