Local LAN sync of libary metadata and related suggestions

I would love to see the option of another device running on the local network being able to sync the library (meta data) over LAN. Especially on bigger libraries this could save a LOT of time by syncing with the data from another online device running Infuse. Of course syncing should only happen with the device that has updated its data the most recent of the two (or available devices that are running the software at the time). Compare it with e.g. dropbox sync over LAN etc. Alternatively use iCloud for it but in a way that the data can preferably be transferred as a combined data stream instead of individual files. Last but not least, consider the option of setting jpg quality for whatever non-png format image data is stored as bigger libraries can use a lot of storage space potentially causing issues on Apple devices with less NAND storage. If using a lower quality setting for storing jpegs (assuming that jpegs are used) can save 1/3th to half of the data it could be very much worth it on such devices. E.g. on my AppleTV I had all the metadata get lost a few times since it was running out of storage space and (most likely tvOS) cleaned up space by deleting it. If there should be an option/flag to set to never let tvOS delete Infuseā€™s data, please enable it.

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