Local downloads do not include metadata files/images

If I have a movie on my server as follows:
movie.mp4 (movie)
movie.xml (metadata)
movie.jpg (poster art)
movie.srt (subtitles)

If I download this movie to my local device, then infuse will only download the movie and subtitles (movie.mp4 and movie.srt).
So a movie that displays perfectly when viewed on my server is now a messy file on my local device with no -metadata (or worse, the wrong metadata).

Yes, I know that I can manually add the xml and jpg files later, but this is fiddly as this can’t be done from inside the app.

As a side note: If I have manually added all the above files onto my local device, and then move the movie into a folder on my device, Infuse will then CORRECTLY copy the movie the subtitles AND the xml and jpg as well.

Thanks for the report.

We’ll take a look and see if this is something that can be added in a future update.

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