Loading time on Apple TV 4 & Synology NAS

I bought an Apple TV and your pro app. I connected my NAS Synology 415+ via SMB to Infuse. But it takes infuse pro around 35 seconds to load the movie list with around 1000 movies via Ethernet. In my opinion this is way too long. I used Kodi before and there the movie list is viewed instantly. All meta files from Kodi are still on the NAS. I already tried switching the protocolls to FTP, SFTP or WebDAV and also switched form ethernet to Wifi - but all other configurations take more time than SMB + ethernet.

I really like the app and want to use it in the future, but the movie list must be presented faster!!

Can you please help 7 give advice?

Synology 415+
Apple TV 64GB
TvOs 9.1

Hai Huppi1984, what are your settings ? Which DSM are you using and are you using SMB 1, 2 or 3 on your NAS. Could you be so kind to check this.

Go to your NAS with the browser and logon.
Go to the configuration menu and choose file services
In the Win/Mac/NFS tab click on the advanced settings button
Check the MAX protocol for windows. Is it SMB 1,2 or 3

The reason i asked is, I noticed performance improvement when changing from SMB 1 to SMB 3. I hope this helps. Good luck.

I use SMB 2, but i will give SMB 3 a try. Thanks for the tipp.

Switching to smb3 makes no difference. :frowning:

Still not showing the Movies quicker. Now it takes around 50 Seconds.

Firecore can you help?

I have the same experience. Also wired connection with SMB to my DS215J. The Synology was recently completely reinstalled.

The movie list with around 100 movies takes way too long to load while my concerts list (around 10) and series list (11 shows) load very fast.

I believe the difference between Kodi and Infuse is Kodi caches the metadata and needs to update the library to scan for changes. It loads the cache more or less instantly. Infuse appears to be rescanning the entire share before displaying anything, hence the spinning circle.

I would hope this is fixed in 4.2 with a new library feature.

Yes you’re right, i think the scan progress should be improved maybe to a background process.


I’ve 100s.

100’s of folders??? Holy crap, why the need for some many individual folders? That’s probably why it takes so long.

I basically keep TV series in their own folder, and Movie series in their own folder. Then all my movies are in the same folder.

Each movie is in a separate folder for me.