Loading time of smb shares

I still have the problem that the loading time of the shares are taking pretty long. (James, i have sent you a video of that issue). I have this issue the most with smb shares, no problems with sftp shares for example. Im streaming from a mac mini. No big differnece if iam connected with wifi or ethernet.

I havent heard of that issue that much, so i wonder if i might be the only one. Any others with that kind of problems? Or could you give me a feeback if your smb shares load immediately?
Thx guys.

Define 'immediately". My SMB shares on 1.8 mhz Acer 3600 takes a second or two to load up if the drive is awake. A couple of seconds longer if it is asleep. My movies are in the 800-1.4 gig size. Everything is wired with gigabit routers and switches.

Ok, thx for your info. It takes about 7-12 seconds (all devices are not in standby/sleep mode).
Its not killing me, but im wondering why it does take so long compared to others.

Same 7-12 sec to load SMB shares. On wifi ac or hard wired :frowning:

Just to be a little more specific I did a time test with the movie “The Intern” that I have in my library.

MP4 container

It took only 3 seconds to start playing on my wired network. The drive was fully awake.

I would be interested to know what type of files you are playing to get a 12 second start time.

This is time to load the share.

On WiFi AC with “no other traffic” it is more like 5-6sec. Then it is 2-3 sec to load file. Since file loading times were so long (10-12 sec) on my MoCA wired network, James suggesting using WiFi AC. Other players load the share and start playing file almost immediately. Infuse is being improved, but still has a ways to go on load time.

You have got me wrong. My movie files start very fast too. What i mean is the time that it takes to load my favorite (folder shares) where my movies are stored in. When i open the folder it takes about 7-12 seconds to see the content.

@debbiefl Exactly, thats what i meant.

I have 4 favorite folders. Each one has about 60 movies in each folder. When I open a folder to display the thumbnail content it takes about 1.5 seconds to show everything.

Thats a lot faster. Are you streaming from a windows computer?

Yes. An Acer 3600. 1.8mhz. 4gig. Win7x64.

In experimenting (with no other traffic), I found that after I loaded a share (5-6sec), the next share (on same NAS) I loaded only took 1-2 sec. My usual use case is load share, watch file(s) in same share. Also, I always load Infuse after ATV has been disconnected from power (not sleep). And finally, one share has 25 sub folders, which always takes 6-7sec.

To confirm, could you disconnect your ATV from power, then load Infuse, then load share. And report the elapsed time to load that first share?

Thanks for helping us.

What kind of NAS are you using?

Here are my times:

All apps cleared from background and atv4 unplugged for 5 minutes.

7 seconds to wake HD and see content in folders
1 second to see content in folders

Updated to 4.0.3. Did not turn off atv4. Cleared background of all apps. HD awake.

6 seconds to see contents in folder initially.
1 second to see contents in folder all other times.

I always have my atv4 on. I don’t put it to sleep.

Thank you so much for taking the time :slight_smile: to help identify these load variances. Now, I just have to find another always on plug. Not an easy task in my house. HaHa

Smett: Any discoveries on your setup?

Hopefully, Firecore can still knock down that initial load time & share with subfolders load time, as we’ve seen some other players perform with an almost instant load time.

The initially load takes about 7-12 seconds. I agree with “mrfatboy” that after that it loads faster. I never put my atv4 to sleep either. But every time i go back to the atv dashboard and reopen infuse it takes again those 7-12 seconds. James said in 4.03 the loading time was reduced, unfortunately not for me. As mentioned, (s)ftp shares load immediately.

WDMyCloud (single disk)

Smett, I did have all the same problems as you, at one time. Changes I made:

  1. Changed ATV4 from MoCA network to WiFi AC on Airport Extreme. Was getting 13-16sec initial load time, reduced to 6-7sec. (No new version of Infuse at that time, however I tested on WiFi without any other traffic). Reload 5-6sec.
  2. Cleaned up one share, deleted a couple of file/remnants, deleted one stray sub folder. Was taking 6-7sec (initial or reload), reduced to 1-2sec (on reloads), the inital load of the first share is still always 6-7sec. Another share with 20 sub folders continues at 6-7sec (initial & reload)
  3. Just updated to 4.0.3, no change.

I have heard others have had problems with SMB on Macs. Also, using UPnP on the same shares, initial and reloads are almost instanteous, like your (s)ftp.


Just added a 4 small file share on my Mac. It took 16-17sec for initial load. Was able to reproduce 3x.

Definitely, a fix needed here

NAS itself will sleep if it is idle, it may take time to wake up NAS too.

smb is horrible for speed and streams. implement NFS and allow us to adjust threads. Do a frametest from SGI with 2k resolution 4 threads 5000 frames on an smb share and an nfs. You’ll see why this is a joke.