Loading <set> tags as collections from NFO files

I prefer to create manual metadata files, which is working fine with all tags except for movie collections. I use this movie set tags but they are not picked up by Infuse. Any recommendations of what to use?

    <name>Despicable Me Collection</name>
    <overview>The Despicable Me franchise centers on Gru, a super-villain (who later becomes a dad and superhero); his yellow-coloured Minions; and his three orphan girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes.</overview>

Unfortunately Custom Collections with XML-Files are unsupported at this time… :frowning:

You can vote for my Feature-Request here:

Thanks for the quick response! You have my vote :wink:

I’m using Infuse 6.2 on Apple TV. We live rurally and do not have steady home internet. I use an SMB fileshare on a Mac Mini and Infuse to do our own sort of “home streaming” based on discs we’ve bought and ripped.

I’m using tinyMediaManger to populate library data occasionally via a cell phone tether. With TMM, I’m generating NFO files and the named images for the various assets on the SMB file share. For the most part, this is resulting in a really great experience on Infuse.

However, I would have expected that Infuse would parse the tag data from the NFO files as collections and so far that doesn’t seem to be the case. Is that something we can get supported? Given the lack of an internet connection, having Infuse pull the information from TMDB itself isn’t really a good option.

I’ll note this has been asked at least once before, here: NFO - Collections

Thanks for any insight you guys can give.


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Unfortunately this is not available in Infuse at this time, but I am going to move this over to suggestions for now.


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It would be nice to get the collection name from NFO files.

<set> <name>SOMETHING</name> </set>

Kodi (starting from v19) can use “Movie Set Information Folder” - local data for movie sets artwork. Is it possible to do the same?


As a new user coming over from Plex, would like to request implementation of the following for Infuse. Not sure if these are in the works or being considered, but I’m sure others would greatly appreciate them being added:

  1. Support collections NFO for custom collections. Example, TMDB breaks down MCU titles by character but does not support custom MCU collections. Also enable Infuse to pull over all the poster, logo, etc for the custom collection as well.
  2. Why does Infuse not support movie Extras??? This is a no brainer…needs support!


I believe this is covered in this currently running thread in the suggestions forum.

Already running here so you can add your support there.

This is also requested in a currently running suggestion thread here.

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Just FYI for future posts in the suggestions, it helps Firecore gauge interest in specific ideas when it’s kept to one suggestion per thread.

That makes it easier for other users to show their support for specific ideas. :wink:


Technically, these are two different requests — Plex collections vs. .nfo Collections.

One need not use Plex to add a “Collections” tag to a local .nfo metadata file.

Infuse currently offers limited support for local .nfo tags, most recently adding recognition of cast tags, but this does not extend to the collections tag, as yet. This sample file includes all the tags currently supported.

However, I’ll note that using local .nfo files since the addition of support for cast and crew override is problematic, to say the least, and I’ve had to refrain from doing so. :confused:

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I’m using Tiny Meda Manager to lock in posters, fanart, logo and NFOs. Is there any way for Infuse to see the NFO for any movie scrapped that is within a collection and automatically create it and put it in there? I’m speaking of collections that are outside of TMDB. For example, I have a bunch of Three Stooges movies (of course TMDB will not count them as a “collection”), and its quite a pain to manually select every single movie and manually throw it into a Collection. If this is not capable in Infuse I would certainly ask for it!! Thanks


Unfortunately Infuse has extremely limited support for nfo’s currently but better support is marked as planned to some extent.

Hopefully things like your request will be a knock on effect from the above request.

I do feel your pain with those Three Stooges movies.
I’m currently battling with all the original Tom and Jerry shorts.


Unfortunately Infuse does not recognize .nfo <set> (collection) tags. Further, Infuse uses an internal database-dependent method for creating custom collections; users can not create them outside of Infuse’s own UI.

Additionally, while Infuse will display limited metadata for non-library items when included in local .nfo, Infuse will never add items to its library that aren’t first officially identified as titles indexed by TMDB; regardless if all the information it gathers from TMDB already exists in the local .nfo.

Allowing customizable XML entries like this would absolutely be perfect for collections. Voted for this.

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