Loading covers or jpg for folder

The only main issue I have had since I first started using Infuse back on my iPhone and iPad and now the main issue I have with tvOS version is that I load my movies from a SMB setup . My setup loads 18 covers every 2 minutes . I have to sit and scroll threw my entire collection page at a time allowing the covers to be found on my drive . Is there a possible way for Infuse to cache the covers is a scan of some sort even just leaving the Apple TV on for a bit or increasing the fetch data . Most of my jpg are only a few kb in size so it is not that the are max resolution . I can only imagine how slow this is for others with high Rez images.

This issue seems to be worse now that I have allowed the latest update to my Apple TV itself and wondering if there is know an issue with the latest tvOS and Infuse pro 4.0.3.
My main folder had 2053 files and folders (issue is present)
On my smaller folders of only around 200 files the covers load in pairs of 3 around 2sec at the most (no issue) so maybe it’s a bug or issue with to many files being fetched at the same time.

Also after I have taken 2 to 3 hours of going page to page allowing 18 covers to load . Infuse either resets and starts at the top again or the app itself crashes and kicks me out to the main page .

On a second note what is the preferred setup to get the best performance from infuse ? SMB or others .

From the overwhelming comments and support from staff stating the same issues from the community . I’m really the only one having this issue?

I think James from firecore has mentioned in another thread that the way folders are scanned by infuse is modified in an upcoming version. Maybe its working better for you then. I guess most people dont use their own metadata and dont have those problems.

According to your other question. Right now (s)ftp connection work best for me.

Thank you Smett , I have read almost ever post here on the forum , but sometimes it’s hard to tell what version the person was having an issue with .
Ftp setup is currently the fastest setup , weird thing here is my only issue is the covers all my movies and info play correctly . The covers showing up are the only dramaticlly slow issue I have . I’m hopeful in the next release this issue is resolved .