"Loading Content" spinny wheel a lot

Hi just installed atvFlash on my aTV2 black. All I use it for is to connect to my media on my NAS, so all I have installed is Media. I can connect to my shares but I get a lot of “loading content” skinny wheel.


My aTV2 is wireless to my Apple Extreme Base Station which has my NAS a Linkstation Live wired to it. The aTV2 has full strength WiFi signal strength, can connect to internet, YouTube etc fine, its just I get this issue.


anyone help please?


I found that I would get this for higher resolution video (e.g. HD TV in mkv format) when I was connected via wiFi although AVI files played fine.   Moving to a wired connection and I virtually never get it any more.  I am guessing that the issue is simply that the WiFi connection has badwidth issues when trying higher resolution video.

I can’t move to wired for location reasons, all my video is iTunes format anyway, converted to Apple TV 2 format. it can play natively on the Apple TV via iTunes anyway. Its purely for convenience (and hopefully reliability), that I want to use atvFlash. i.e. stream form NAS without iTunes.