Loading Circle on certain 4K/1080p movies

Hello, Ive recently started using infuse and have been enjoying it but ran into some issues with the loading circle that keeps showing up on movies. It only seems to effect files that are 180p/4K but the strange thing is that one 4K file I have it plays it smoothly and another one it has the constant loading circle problem, Ive tried the legacy option Ive tried to disable all app refresh except for infuse and it didn’t help, is there anything I can do or do I have to wait until it’s fixed in a future update ? I personally don’t mind waiting. I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro Max

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You say you have tried the “Legacy” option but which one? There’s one in the SMB settings for the shares and there’s another in the Playback settings under “Streaming Cache” both can help with these symptoms.

What iOS are you running?

Hello, yes I’m on an iPhone through the app so I clicked the playback option streaming catche it didn’t change anything unfortunately, I’m on 14.7.1

And if you’re connecting with SMB have you tried changing the SMB to “Legacy” also?

Yes the issue is same, l will just wait for a update to fix this so it’s no big deal

Good news !!! I think I found a temporary fix to this problem, so I am streaming from Mega Cloud and I decided to go to the files tab and go through mega that way, when I played the video I decided not to touch anything and let the movie just play, since I’m not to savy on the pronunciations bear with me, so the progress bar at the top where it shows how much the movie has been download/streamed was showing ahead of where the movie was starting so there was no loading circle because it was always ahead as soon as I fast forward or rewind, the progression bar is no longer there …Which im guessing at this point might lead to constantly having it loading and stopping, so technically everything seems to work fine when I don’t rewind or fast forward, also I can’t exit the movie or else when it restarts when’re I left off…the progression bar doesn’t show and it will start the constant loading which is what has been happening all day for me. ima continue testing methods but so far this was the only time that it no longer had the loading circle every 40 secs

Great to hear!

You can also get Infuse to cache ahead by pausing the video for a bit, and the cache portion of the progress bar will continue to fill up. This can help when network connections are a bit slower.

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