loading apple tv HD set as primary

Hey guys. New to the software and this forum so please forgive me if this is a stupid question. Basically I have set up my 2TB external HD as primary storage. I can see appletv in my itunes on my laptop and it lists it as having 2TB of memory so it seems all is working well. I even downloaded a season of arrested development and it works fine. The purpose of setting up the HD for me was to unload all of these large files from my laptop to my Appletv. What is the best way to direct all of the current files on my laptop to my appletv and delete them from my laptops hard drive? I believe once I get my current shows onto the appletv I wont have any more issues since it appears that I can just download directly from the appletv and basically not even use my laptop for this function anymore. I could be wrong on that though.



Unfortunately due to the nature of how the AppleTV syncs with iTunes you will have to keep a copy of the synced files on your computer. If the files are removed from iTunes, they will also be removed from the AppleTV during the next sync. :frowning: