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I have optimized for different network protocols (SMB, AFP, NFS), though Apple has done a great job in their higher-level file APIs, where you can specify which metadata you’re interested in, and they optimize the calls. For instance, often it’s faster to fetch only the file names, not other attributes (mod date, size etc.) at first, and only if you notice differences, you fetch the extra data.
For Infuse, which can mostly assume that files don’t change their contents (there’s always the forced scan for that), it could only fetch the names in each dir, and see which files changed.
Another method is to rely on the fact that a dir’s mod date won’t change as long as the files inside haven’t been exchanged. That doesn’t count for deeper dir levels, though.
I’d offer my expertise to Infuse, if they’d want it, too :slight_smile:

Oh, on AppleTV, Infuse scans my NAS nearly every time I open it, and then it takes minutes each time. That’s not ideal, and quite annoying. I’d not bring that up otherwise.
Only “workaround” for me, to get it offer newly added items faster, is to go into the specific folder where the new items are in. That helps a little, but it also tedious.

My presumption here is they try to do that on-opening-Infuse search unobtrusively in the background and thus aren’t prioritizing speed — as a user might prefer instead to immediately start playback of content already indexed — but they will prioritize the indexing of new items found in folders that you explicitly navigate to (via the folders interface).

Being both impatient and ocd afflicted, I almost always navigate directly to the folders I’ve added new content to force their indexing right now!! (even when I have no intention of watching any of the new stuff).

Before Apple changed whatever it is they changed that broke Infuse’s true background indexing (meaning Infuse’s former ability to keep libraries updated and synced to iCloud without users even needing to open the app) I was less compelled to do that, since it usually has already happened long before I ever opened up the app.

I’m sorry but I have to disagree.
I specifically asked in my original post for the ability to load:

external subtitles (from the same folder as the media, or a subfolder)?

Now I can give you that I could have been more explicit in my wording and added ‘manually’ to the request, but even so, even if we want to argue semantically, Infuse still cannot load subtitles from a sub-folder. As such I do not believe the question was answered.

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