Live streams

XBMC has been including on its latest releases the possibility to watch live streams using its add ons.

For users who have aTV flash black installed they don’t need a media player such as XBMC, because the Media app from aTV gets the job very well done.

So, is there a possibility of including a live stream player on the Media app?

Alternatively, is there any 3rd party app that could only be used for Live streaming?


Keep up the good work.

aTV Flash Black rocks! :slight_smile:

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Sorry james, I should have posted it under suggestions.

Regarding my question, do you think that this is something that can be done or it won’t work with aTV or iOS?

Or even, is this something you could consider? Or you’re not interesting on going down this road?


Many tks


XMBC still delivers some extra capabilities that Media Player from aTV does not support :

  • interlaced video : Apple does not support natively decoding of interlaced video, which is quite common on IP TV Live streams here at least in Europe. So Media Player from aTV can not play such streams. XBMC on the other hand allows to uncheck the “hardware” decoding option to complete software decoding only which supports interlaced video support

  • RTP multicast support : from what I can test (and in compliance with discussion ), Media Player from aTV does not support RTP mutlicast streams, which is the way IP TV Live streams are sent out on IP networks. XMBC supports RTP multicast stream.

I posted this suggestion quite sometime ago (see that counts over 1000 reads), I hope that aTV team will be able to deliver soon.


Finally, I however 100% agree with warhol23 when he wrote : “Keep up the good work. aTV Flash Black rocks!”