live streams (cbs, nbc, etc)

Any way to get live streams in xbmc or the browser? ustvnw and other streams dont seem to work.

I haven’t had luck either. Navi-X has a live streams option but unfortunately, it’s only available on Boxee and is somewhat broken anyway. Anyone know when Boxee will be available?

Navi-X works just fine for linking to live streams, then it’s up to the media player in question to play the file. Remember, our app just makes links available for selection… XBMC does the actual playback so any issue you experience with playback are XBMC related if anything. If you are having problems playing something back in XBMC, reach out to us at for support. Thanks.


Have you chked out t0mm0’s plug in. Has which i watch live ESPN (for sportsscenter). I love it

yeah, I have used it, and set-up some files with other channels not found in the plug-in.

Theres more live tv now just thought I would update try these