Live Scrubbing is so nice

This was my biggest wish list, and the new release seems to kick in play back faster when you choose a spot to play!

Great work


Can’t wait to try it out. Anyone know how to force an app update?

Go to App Page, find and open infuse.
You will see the update tag at the left side instead of open, then update…

Great! So glad to hear you’re enjoying it. :smiley:

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Hi James
Thanks for that great feature. But I dont like the rectangle outer frame in white color. Distraction problem…
Please check that at netflix. It is nearly invisible…

Currently using Infuse Pro 5.8 (2190), just purchased an Apple TV. I’m on the 12.0 beta running shows through the plex connect. Is there anything special I have to do to get live scrubbing on? I fast forward and rewind on the Apple TV remote but I don’t see any images pop up. Maybe I have to enable thumbnails or something on the plex server? Thanks!

There’s actually no setting, and it’s enabled by default for all videos.

You can check to ensure you are running 5.8 by viewing the version info located at the bottom of Infuse > Settings.

Apple TV apps normally update automatically, but you can update manually by searching for Infuse in the App Store and clicking the Update button that appears on the app details page.