Little optimizations for Playback (tvOS)

Hey James ?

Could you please make the following little GUI Optimizations during Playback in Infuse (tvOS):

On Live-Preview-Scrubbing Start the little Preview-Window moves up, but on Live-Preview Stop the Window disappears directly, instead of moving down. Could you fix this? ??

Please hide the Spinner which appears on Skipping and Resume (after Scrubbing).

On Skipping (10 Sec) there should be NO Timeprogressbar visible, only on Scrubbing ??

If I go to Video-Options, the Playback should not stopping. It should play on, show the Menue and after go back, play the Video on ?

If I press „Pause“, there should be no Timeprogressbar visible, just pause the Video without the Timeline.

Please remove the Text „Swipe down for Infos“…
Everyone knows how to use a tvOS App and get Options/Infos with a swipe down ???


+1 ?

Every Apple TV user knows how to use this. The swipe-down-from-top-gesture is there since the introduction of the ATV HD back in 2015. Take a look at Apple’s native player UI - they only show the hint if you rest your thumb on the touch interface for about 1-2 seconds. No need to show it every time you touch the pad.

Are any of these suggestions being considered for a future release?


All good suggestions Christian, IMO. However, I would prefer the Live-Preview-Scrubbing to use the full screen, like “most apps”, e.g. MrMC and Netflix, and the scrubbing should slow down to a useful 8x speed.

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