Little „GUI Bugfixes" for Infuse (tvOS) :-)

Hey James :slight_smile:
I have created a new PDF with a summary of the remaining little changes :wink:

really nice GUI improvements!
@firecore, are there any plans for this suggestions?

Anyone from Firecore could answer?

Hey James :slight_smile:

Now the tvOS11 Optimizations are nearly done…
When is some time for these little things? :slight_smile:


Great ideas ?

Hey James :slight_smile:
Here is a new PDF-File (wishes in order of priority):


Nice Tweaks!

Your 1-3 is meh and I much prefer the way it is now, but 4 and 5 are reasonable.

Remember 1-3 is just OPTIONAL!!! ?
1.) => This could done with an optional XML-File (TAG) to customize the Title Text…
2.) and 3.) => These behavior is optional to switch ON or OFF over the Settings-Menue ??

  1. This should just be the episode name by default (but yes, support custom). I know which season I selected, at least.

  2. Would be nice when you have a quick setup, but when it takes 10s to start a video, what do you then? Fade to black first but then no feedback? You need a response that the user has pressed play.

  3. This is really two things, right?: automatically selecting the next episode and asking to resume. I find both helpful. Not sure what the problem is in your example. So you want it to always start from beginning? Why wouldn’t start where you left off. Automatically selected the episode you were watching is good. You want it to go to beginning of the season even if you were watching a later episode?

  4. Yes, allow scrollable text or click for full, but don’t show everything. Could take up too much space.

  5. Custom collections and lists are coming in a future version, so that should solve it. Maybe version 6.0?

Hi ?

to 2.)
Yes I have a very fast Connection, the Video Start to Play after less than 1 Second ??
But this should be „optional“, so the user can decide if he want a „spinning wheel“ as visual feedback (for slow connections) or not (for fast connections) ???

to 3.)
I like an option to completely disable the question „Would you like to resume?“…
And start always from beginning ??
Because I NEVER resume a Movie, and I do a lot of testing (short look into a movie and then stop it)… And it’s very annoying to manually set all movies and tv-shows as „unwatched“… ?

  1. I think there shouldn’t be an option for this. Should be able to tell how long buffering normally takes and go from there. Actually what bugs be most is the spinning at the end, not the beginning. Takes longer to end a movie than start…

  2. Yes, for testing it can be annoying, but for normal users this isn’t the case. I feel like this could be solved by having a timer on the watched indicator, as mentioned in 5.5.4 thread. Only after playing a certain duration does it mark as watching. Couldn’t you just turn of scrobbling when you are testing, though? Isn’t that what tracks where you are in a video?

to 2.)
For me it’s important to get a „smooth transition“ between Infuse and the video… (like in iTunes) So an option is the best, and the user can decide, if he wants a „smooth transition“ or a „spinning wheel“ ?

to 3.)
I don’t like the resume at all ?
I would like to start all videos from beginning. So an option is here the best as well, because the user can choose if he like to use Resume or not ?

I’d rather they work on real things, like multi-user support, handling HDR files, Plex client, etc than optional things that don’t matter.

These things are just some tiny tweaks, which really don’t take much time to develop/program…

„Big things“ like Multi-User Support etc take a much more amount of time to develop…

You have your things which are important for you and I have mine…
I personally don’t need Multi-User, HDR, Plex etc… Infuse is perfect for my personal use like it is (except of these little things) ??

I like your suggestions! All your tiny things will make Infuse even better and much improve the nice looking Infuse App in detail ?

And I much appreciate your cool mock-ups!
You are making a big effort to show your wishes with nice screenshots, descriptions and little videos.
This is really great! ?

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Thank you very much! :wink:
This is nice to hear you like it :slight_smile:

It’s currently my biggest Hobby to get my “perfect” Media-Library on my AppleTV…
I’m now using Infuse (tvOS) for about two years, and it’s amazing how it has been evolved! :slight_smile:
And now there are only a few “little things” which I need to finalize my Library and everything under the really nice looking GUI of Infuse…