Little bug


I found a little bug. If I have a tv show with 720p and I replace these videos files with 1080p then the metadata shows still 720p, but playing is 1080p.
It also not helps if I reedit the metadata. I thought that this information is read from the file but it seems not to be updated if the file format was changed.

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I see what you’re talking about. The way to get Infuse to update the file info such as resolution and encoder format after you swap out a file for a different resolution is to long press on the episode then select “Edit Metadata” then scroll down to the correct series below the file name and select it. This will cause a complete re scan of the file for encoder and resolution.

Thanks for your answer.
But if I do this, then the resolution of one episode is changing (the one which I was editing). I think infuse should rescan all episodes and changing automatically all episodes. If the tv show has many episodes, it is not practicable to edit all episodes manually.
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It’s a compromise , you wouldn’t want to waste the time scanning an entire series when you only change one episode. If you’re going to be changing many episodes at once maybe you should first remove the ones you’re replacing and let the scan complete and then add the new versions.

An alternative would be to give the new files a slightly different name, and simply delete the old files.


Old File: Lost.S01.E01.mkv
New File: Lost.S01.E01.1080p.mkv

Infuse will recognize the new files (displaying the correct specs). It will also recognize the old files have been deleted, and remove the entries from the Library.

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