Lists on home page

How can I sort the lists content? I tried by pressing show all, sort by plublication date and went back out to the list. However the list is showing a different sort order compared to the ‘show all’ view. The list starts also with year 2019 content, however it should have started with year 2021. Is this a bug?

Is there a way to sort lists content by user?,


Are these playlists, or library categories (like Collections, Action movies, etc…)?

Playlist sorting will match the order things appear in the playlist, and this can be changed by dragging items to a different order when viewing the playlist.

Library category lists will follow the Sort By option you have set.

Hi @james

I am not sure on what you mean regarding the sorting. I created lists on the home page from Genres. So for example a list with TV Shows Genre Animation. I want to order this list Animation by Release date and showing this order in the list on the home page instead of only showing up this sorting when I hit ‘Show All’.

Is this possible and if so, can you explain step by step please?

I tried to sort the list by going first to All items of this list, sort by Release date and go back to home page. It seems that the list is showing by release date however not starting from lets say 2021, but from 2019 and sometimes just skipping a couple of files. When I go back to the full list by pressing Show All, this sorting works fine.

Release date for TV shows is a little tricky, as often times you’ll have a series which spans multiple years. For example, The Simpsons is a currently running series but first aired in 1989.