List Your openvpn Provider in Successfully Enabling Tunnelblick

Lots of people have problems with successfully enabling Tunnelblick.  My problem is and remains; 'cannot dynamically load TUN/TAP files' and my openvpn provider is UnblockVPN.

I am interested to know from people who have successfully enabled Tunnelblick, which openvpn service they have used and what, if any, issues they had to solve before everything worked to satisfaction.  I am attempting to use a UK ip address and I am in Hong Kong.


Try Astrill out of the UK. I have set it up in Tunnelblick for the Apple TV. Although I am having some problems using it consistently on the ATV, it is not with Astrill itself which works well on my PC. Price, service and support is excellent. You can try it out by paying for just for one month’s service. Astrill will arrange for you to download the config files. It provides good and rapid support.
I spent over a month getting it set-up on my apple tv, with lots of emails to Firecore and Astrill. I managed to keep a few hairs on my head but barely. If I can help you with my experience, just ask. There are some tricks for using with aTV Flash which are not intuitive and not recorded in the support faq. Firecore support is non-existent unless you persevere and ask exactly the right question.

I posted the above reply. Didn't intend to post anonymously but forgot to log in.

Thanks eye.  As you said, support from Firecore leaves a lot to be desired.

I am in no doubt that I will be contacting you back for your gems of wisdom when I have exhausted attempts with my current VPN provider.

Kind regards...