list view per source

Please can the list view setting be 3-valued?


If using per-favorite than long press on the favorite adds a selection for list view.

my request might be a little off because I’m confused on “favorites”. the way i’ve been adding media sources is to go settings → network → shares → [source] → +favorite. IOW, i don’t seem to actually be able to add a source unless i make it or its subdirs a favorite. So to me, favorite == source. i’m not confident this is what a favorite really is, because the name implies otherwise.

but anyway …

so if you leave the favorite with default setting ‘show’, then from the home screen when you enter the favorite (as opposed to library or media browser), it should be in the list view if you have the global setting "on, or “per-favorite” and have that specific favorite set for the list view. but other favorites will still use the normal browser.

makes sense?

the reason is because of inadequate local metadata support and extras handling in infuse. the list view browser is desirable to me over the way infuse handles local metadata; by setting local metadata on a “favorite” but not actually having any .nfo/.xml files, I can separate my shares that don’t play well with infuse metadata. using list view for me instead of .nfo/.xml is a better method. however i don’t want list view for everything!

another reason is, this seems like something that could be super quickly implemented in a patch (major.minor.patch) release. vs better local metadata handling which seems like it would be more work, or at least to date which firecore has seemed to be reluctant to address.

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