List view for Infuse on the Apple Tv


New user to Infuse, would love to be able to switch to simple folder list view to browse for media.


Yeah this is definitely needed, the thumbnail view isn’t for everyone, please add a list view as well like iPad version has.

Yes, this would be helpful. Would also like to be able to sort by date and choose to inline folders in list vs. just having them precede the individual files.

I see this is suggested a lot, so hopefully it’s going to be implemented. I just wanted to toss my hat into the “PLEASE put in list view” ring. I feel like it’s the last little bit that would push me to using Infuse full time.

+1 Please implement list view.

Please implement list view


If you guys are not interested in pack art and nice views (everything that makes Infuse great, imho) you might want to check out the recently released VLC for AppleTV.

As far as I know VLC does not support DTS passthrough and that is one of the main reasons I have chosen for infuse. I just want it to have same functionality as ipad/iphone version to enable list view as I indeed do not care for pack art. I prefer to read the names in stead of looking at the covers.

Is a List View featured in the V4.0.3 of Infuse for Apple TV? If not, when will this get added to Infuse?



Definitely not in 4.0.3 which is primarily a bug fix release.

I think it is intended to be a 4.1 feature but I guess we will have to wait and see if it makes it into that release.



I second this request — list view is definitely needed.

+1 !

+1 for list view…
Although the new look is awesome, I prefer to use list view in my movies folder as I have a lot of movies and it is way more easier to navigate a list than the thumb view

In progress for 4.3. :wink:

Wohooo! So glad to hear this.
Thanks for listening to our wishes and making them a reality soon.