List view/folder view on a per share/folder basis?

Will Infuse support this in future:

  1. Be able to switch between “list view” and “folder view” on a per share basis.

Depending on what my shares contain, it would be useful to be able to choose from either “list view” or “folder view”. For instance if I have a lot of home movies - they kinda look stupid with thumbnails…



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Good to see that others also see this as a potential setting! Hopefully this will get the necessary attention at some point! :slight_smile:

This would be a huge step forward for my collection, both when it comes to user friendliness and visually. Hope it gets implemented soon.

+1 for Infuse v6

+1 :slight_smile:

Also, some others kind of display, like the ones available in the Aeon MQ themes on Kodi would be nice…
But for now, let’s stick to the basics ^^

Didn’t make v6 and doesn’t seem to be on the planned new functionality list either. More love for this needed people !!!

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I too would like to see List View implemented on a per-share or better yet, on a per-favorite basis. Movies and TV are fine when viewed in standard poster mode as they have poster art. Personal media such as home movies from my phone/camcorder/etc do not have posters so standard list view is more useful.


Totally agree! Definitive on a per folder basis! That feature would make it much more efficient for DVR recordings and home movies!!! Please implement this feature very soon, please, please!!!

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If this doesn’t exist yet then I vote for it!
New to Infuse 6 Pro and it looks good but i edit a lot of home movies and i would like a folder and file list hierarchy not the cover view

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Don’t know if you have found it yet but there is a setting in Infuse called “List View” that toggles between grid and list views. I’ve preferred that over the grid view since day one.

even in list view it doesn’t show in particular folder -recently added or recommended or other sorting options


Would love this too. Specifically, I’d like a list view that doesn’t attempt to fetch any metadata, it simply lists the filenames as they are in the directory structure as it is.

Any news on that topic?

Seems every update has new support for tons of new cloud services i’ve never heard of. But simple changes of the UI the users are waiting since years doesn’t come…

I agree with you, tons of changelog with nothing…
This is disappointed after ~ year with infuse.

list view
bitrate info
sub - subtitles support
dvd/bd menu
music player
image viewer

So many requested for this and? nothing.

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I would love a similar option per-share or per-folder, for exactly the same reasons as @agentxxl mentioned above.

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Please consider implementing this. It’s the only missing feature that stops me from dumping other players and start using Infuse exclusively. It would be incredibly useful to exclude folders with unsorted, personal or non-movie/tvshow media files and allow list/folder/file view for those.

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