List View - Artwork Missing for TV Season Folders

I have recently noticed that while in List View, Infuse does not fetch (background) artwork for any TV Season folders - this applies to Library View & File View. The main Series folders fetch the correct artwork in List View, but the Season folders under them are left with a blank-folder-thumbnail.

Also, is there a different set of rules for artwork fetching when it comes to List View vs. Grid View (or) Library View vs. File View…?

This is expected for now, but it’s something we’ll likely be improving in the upcoming 5.6 redesign.

In th mean time, is there a way to manually provide the background images? I have attempted to use several naming schemes, but none of them seem to work.

Are you only able to provide custom artwork up to a certain layer sub-folder? Or is it just not possible (yet) to provide custom background/fanart for certain folders?

I noticed that certain folders will use the folder.jpg (portrait) image for Grid View & List View. So basically it doesn’t let you customize the landscape image for List View.