List of Unwatched TV Shows includes all watched TV Shows

As the subject says. I have attached a screenshot. “Serie TV Non viste” means “Unwatched TV Shows”. As you may see “Duck Tales” seasons are unwatched, while “Father Ted” seasons are watched and still they are in the list. Also I watched “Father Ted” with Infuse Pro. I am quite sure it happened (or at least I noticed it) after the 5.9.5 update.

My Pro subscription expired, if it matters.

Are you watching on multiple devices?

Not really. I have Infuse installed on my iPad and iPhone, but I never watch anything from there. Apart from few testings. Also it was fine the last time I checked few days ago.

Since syncing your watched history is part of the paid version it may have lost some or all of that. If you plan on resubscribing or buying I’d see if that keeps it from happening again.

Oh well, I am having a decent month with my themes for Xperia (nothing much. Enough more money to pay for Infuse. Android users hate to pay for quality! :smiley: ) so I decided to get the life subscription. As soon as I went pro again, probably because the iCloud synching went ON again as well, all my history turned back perfectly in synch!!

More interesting, since tvOS did it again, yesterday all my cache has been purged, going from 2.5GB to 23GB free. Losing all my metadata (again! But I will report it better in the other thread I opened). When it happens I lose also my custom icons for the favourites. Now because iCloud is ON, I suppose (?) they are back.

Anyway, ready for version 6 now! And 7… and 8 and… :slight_smile:

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