List Of Pro Features

Can anybody list (or point me to a list) of all features that are added when one upgrades to Infuse Pro on the Apple TV?

Specifically, what video file types will be added? If every file type I use is on that list, I’m happy to pay for a lifetime license. But if not, I’m not willing to throw that money away! There seems to be no clear list on the website.


The bottom of this page has some info: Infuse 6 - An elegant video player | Firecore
Essentially if you want to use iCloud sync, airplay, cloud streaming, HD audio, and more.

Thanks—that’s not a bad list, I’d just like one that includes which additional file types it supports…

I think by default it plays normal h264,h265 in an mp4/mkv container since that can be decoded by apples OS. Not sure about others though

The most important one is VIDEO_TS & VOB, which don’t seem to play in the free version…

The Pro version will unlock all the video codecs which are supported by Infuse.

Some VIDEO_TS and VOB files will be supported in the free version, but others will work after upgrading to Pro.

Thanks James—when you buy the forever license, is there a trial period? That would enable me to know if all of the file types I use will work.

There isn’t a trial on the lifetime license.

However, what you can do is this.

Start a 1 year subscription, which will begin with a free 1 month trial.

As long as you cancel your subscription before the month is up, you will not be charged.

Perfect James thanks!

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