List of my available firmware versions?

Is there a way to see which firmware versions are available for my atv2? I know I have 5.2 as that’s the one i use, but wondered if i have any others. Does using backup in atvflash save firmware signatures?

yes the atv flash does save them(if you use the apple tv) but if you have 5.2 that’s all you need because that was the last untethered release. also, if you want to check just down load I faith it will show you all your saved blobs which will only be 5.2.1 n 5.3 since you jail broke it on 5.2

ifaith is only for windows right? i’m on a mac. I’m interested to see which firmwares i have saved as I originally jailbroke the atv2 in version 4.something.

also, I’m slightly confused about how atvflash is backing up my firmware. if i’m running 5.2 and back up, then it’s surely backing up the 5.2 signature. How do i back up my signature for the latest firmware version (6.0), so if for example 6.1 is released a few months from now then after that an untethered jailbreak is released for 6.0, i can use that jailbreak for 6.0 because i have the signature for it?

use tiny umbrella