List of AppleTV2 Cert code levels

Can we get a list of what firmware level have been tested?

As new release from apple come  out we would like to know thing will work prior to an upgrade.




I am having the same problem , at the end durring transfer I get error 9.100 - I have emailed to support but not gotten an answer

I have tried both windows and mac to transfer with same error

The recommended version is AppleTV 4.2.2.

Seas0nPass and aTV Flash (black) are not yet compatible with the firmware update that was released yesterday.

Do you have any 3rd party software installed (such as Plex)?

Thanks hopefully this will be test soon so we can join the CLOUD!!!


yea I work with SAN so I big push for the Cloud more storage networks higher stock.


Lets go Icloud.



The Cloud is great for countries where you have high speed internet , but dont forget the rest of the world :wink: