Lip sync issues

I have a lipsync problem.

Some files have really bad lip sync. It’s different with different file types. It varies between 70ms to 210ms.

I don’t think this is an infuse issue. Everything is perfectly in sync on my setup so there can’t be any delay between video and sound leaving the app.

It changes between mkv (1080p 29.976) and Blu-ray (24fps) and Netflix. Each has a different lipsync value.

I also have this issue, mostly on 4K HDR movies played from my server.

I have asked the guys to implement some Audio Sync solution, so far no reply, please join my request.

I would like lipsync to be consistent with Netflix and iTunes. This looks like a bug. Not everyone is as sensitive to this issue as me…

A good trick to check this is to film a video showing lipsync test patterns with slow motion on your phone. The typical patterns have a video that shows you the delay. Even a video of someone clapping a single clap will work as it has a sharp audio with an exact frame where the hands are meeting. It is hard to understand the offset without shooting it in slowmo.

Value should be the same regardless of file format, frame rate, etc.

I am sensitive to lip sync. I just don’t get it using iTunes or infuse. It doesn’t happen on my setup

It could be a difference between the file types we play.

There’s definite variation compared to Netflix and also between different file types as well.

Maybe. I think the differences are more likely to be due to how our equipment is connected. My Apple TV is routed through a Yamaha 3050 amp and it’s possible it’s ensuring things are in sync.

In my case it is a Denon X3400H, it lets me sync up but only manually (auto lipsync HDMI protocol doesn’t really work…).