Lip sync issues - please audio delay adjustment

Hello, my Apple TV 4K connected to LG OLED TV and Yamaha receiver, I consistently get audio sync issues with every type of video file through Infuse. Basically plays just a bit after the video every time. Can you please implement a feature so that we could play the audio earlier?

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Is your Apple TV connected directly to you receiver, or is it going through your TV first?

Can you try and see if you are able to replicate this issue with one of the reference files posted here? Dolby/DTS Passthrough This would allow us to determine if it’s an issue related to your particular files, or something in your environment.

Thank you for the very quick reply. The Apple TV was connected to the TV, and switching it to the receiver fixed the sync. The files you asked me to test work fine on both connections, but it is impossible to tell whether there are subtle sync issues using the sound test files. I wonder if I can fix the desync issue when it’s connected to the TV? Can you guys add an audio delay +/- adjustment in case the issue comes up again?

I had the exact same problem when I bought Infuse last week. Every single file I tried had out of sync audio, no matter the format. My Apple TV is connected to the receiver and then the receiver is connected to my Vizio TV. I don’t get audio sync issues with any other video player app. I deleted and got a refund on the app, since it’s rather useless if the audio is constantly out of sync, so I can’t test anything with the reference files. I did a little searching around and people have been asking for a way to change the audio timing for years, so I’m not holding out much hope for that; but if that feature ever does get implemented I’ll be happy to be Infuse again.

You can adjust subtitle delay through the Subtitles section of the Playback Menu. To access this, swipe down while a video is playing.

Hmm, sorry to hear about that.

Was this happening with all files, or just a few? I wasn’t able to locate any support tickets under your account, but we’d be happy to take a look into this if you are able to provide a few more details about these files.

Octavian said subtle, not subtitle. Lol. This is an audio sync issue, and there’s no mechanism for adjusting it like there is in some other players.

It happened with every file I tried. MKVs or MP4s mostly, in h.265 or h.264 encoding. 4K, 1080p, whatever… basically all of them had some level of audio sync problems, though some were worse than others. I didn’t file a ticket, I just got a refund and bought MRMC instead - it works fine aside from being a UI atrocity. I wouldn’t have bothered posting at all but I thought I’d support Octavian’s reasonable feature request.

Lol, that’s what I get for replying before coffee. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Usually when we see audio delay issues is related to an environment issue, and in some cases the file can be to blame as well. Of course, we have also resolved a few cases of Infuse not handling certain files properly. I’m not sure which of these would apply to your case, but we’d love to take a deeper look into what’s going on if you’d be willing to give it another go.

This forums software is pretty dysfunctional when replying… I hit the reply button and the only post I can see on the resulting page is the original post, which isn’t the one I’m replying to - who thought that one up?

Anyway, I don’t believe it’s an “environmental issue” as it doesn’t affect any other app, including apps that are playing the same files (MrMC). Something is different about Infuse. What do you want to do to take a deeper look? I checked the reference files you linked to and they’re useless for this purpose - there’s no way to tell if there’s a few-milliseconds-off lip sync issue when there’s just fancy animations whizzing around the screen or tests of one speaker at a time.

As to the reply button, that’s to reply to the thread in general. If you want to discuss a specific point another poster made then you just click on the " icon in the upper right hand corner of that specific post and it will quote that person so you can address specific points.

See I get a slightly different issue. I get perfect lip sync in Infuse and the native player but MrMC is ever so slightly out.

I have had lip sync etc on Blu Ray players which I’ve needed to correct via the amp. I also find the internal apps on my tv out of sync via ARC. Frustratingly I can’t fix that one regardless of delay settings although switching to an optical cable fixes it.
I guess what I’m saying is that lip sync can occur for a variety of reasons and may affect some people differently. It’s not necessarily the fault of the app or specific hardware but could for example be down to how the tv processes the image it’s receiving and what post processing is turned on for example. Sometimes it’s out of the users control though so the more apps and hardware which allow adjustments the better!

Are you using video files “found” online, or do you convert purchased DVD/BluRay disks fo avi/mkv etc files? I currently have over 1000 Movies, and over 8000 TV Episodes, and have never required the use of audio delay to keep audio in sync. I don’t recall ever noticing Netflix, or Hulu streams ever having a sync issue either, and I would assume it would be more succeptible to sync, as they vary the quality of the stream on the fly dependent on what your network can handle. I use a standard mkv profile in Handbrake that reduces a DVD to about 1.2 Gb’s. If you are using content from on-line torrent sources, that may likely be the issue.


I just bought an Apple TV 4K, for many reasons but mostly to use Infuse.

I’m excited about the improvements on HDR and about the future Plex support , …


I’m suffering off big audio delay with Infuse that i don’t have on PC.
This means the problem comes from Infuse and not from my files…
The problem is not present on MrMC so my setup is not in cause…
Sadly i’ll stop my try period of the app until there is an improvement on that point…

Help :frowning:

  • Sorry for my English, i’m French !

Having the same issue with an Anthem AVM 60 and the ATV with an LG Oled. Nearly everything I play has different lip sync.

I can give my input.
If you like me throughput your Apple TV via a receiver automatic lip sync doesn’t seem to have any effect.

My LG OLED seems to have high input lag. It means it takes time before the TV can render the picture. LG seems to do a lot of picture enhancements that takes time. Picture is delayed, audio is ahead.

What I did to minimize this problem was to use the Game Mode(also changed input type to PC but that only have effect on my TV when sending 60hz, gets activated when playing PS4). After that I adjusted the picture to my likings, and now I’m not seeing any lip sync issues and I’m satisfied with the picture.

There is probably things to do to reduce the problem but the annoying thing is that there is no problem with MrMc with the same setup…

I have the “non 4K” AppleTV fourth gen, and never have audio sync issues. I also convert all my own DVD’s using handbrake, and don’t use content from other sources. There are comments on other forums identifying sync issues when using additional hardware, like receivers, and/or configurations that obtain audio and video from different sources. Good Luck, I’m sure Firecore will get ya sorted out.

I am having this same issue playing 4K MKV Rips. Running tvOS 11.3 beta, Infuse 5.6.8. AppleTV 4k is connected directly to LG B7 via HDMI, and then utilizing ARC from TV back to Sony STR-DH770. I have it connected this way because the Sony receiver will not passthrough Dolby Vision. I have not yet tried connecting to the Sony receiver and switching yet. Are there any known delay issues with ARC? Plex App on tv webOS does not experience this issue.

Update: After connecting direct to receiver audio delay is gone. I am assuming this ARC issue on webOS related to not passing LPCM/DTS encoded as DTS-MA and converting to Dolby Digital before sending back to receiver. Hope everyone can get this ironed out.

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Also having the same issue, like everybody else on my LG OLED.
The lip-sync problem only happens when playing 4K content, 1080p plays like a charm.

Issue does not seem to be related to the TV or ARC, as the Plex app on the Apple TV 4K plays the same file just fine.

Definitely seems to be an issue with LG OLED

I have those problems with a Samsung :wink:

The problem seems especially present on 4k movies…

And i repeat myself, no problem with MrMc… but what an ugly UI !