Lip sync/audio delay compensation

First off, i love aTV Flash. I tried XBMC before but it felt too much like a PC, so it’s great to get all the benefits of jailbreaking while still keeping Apple GUI. 

The only feature that i miss in aTV flash is audio delay compensation. I’m having lip sync issues between my TV and my receiver, and it would be great if i could just set the audio to be delayed a number of milliseconds. VLC has this feature, and i’m pretty sure XBMC has it too. Out of sync audio is really annoying so it would be great if you could include this fairly simple feature.


Think a number of us have had this issue, I tend to get it intermitantly. Note sure a setting where you delay the audio is the answer though, I’d always be laying around with it to get it right!

I have found a short term solution, I press pause or quickly on the fwrd/rwd then it catches up, bloody annoying but does the trick. Does need to be resolved once and for all though.

We’ve resolved a handful of audio sync issues for the next version, so hopefully this will no longer be an issue.

Should be out next week-ish.