Linksys E3000- DualBand Router, 2.4 & 5Gb

Is there any way that I can direct ATV to connect to the 5Gb side of this router?
When I set it up I intentionally got rid of the guest login and created 2 sides w/ 2 separate PW’s
With WiFi im not able to see 5Gb side!

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated


I increased the 5Gb band to high in router setup and lt poped right up!
I have to say this is a great, albeit a bit expensive, but really nice router. It comes with it’s own USB port for streaming, etc. It has a lots of interesting features.

If you’re thinking about a new router I understand the refurbs are just as reliable and will save you a bundle.
No need to respond.
Any questions on the E3000 just write.

Hi Fpkjr, I've just got the excellent e3000 and was wondering if you have tried an ethernet connection or had any problems with atv flash connecting to your NAS. Here is a copy of my post...Cheers,


Have just upgraded from old d-link wireless router to linksys e3000 and are unable to mount share point (using original share settings from d-link, same ethernet connection). I have tried creating a new point with the same settings, and still no keeps coming back with..."mount smbfs could not find mount point/scratch/volumes/public:Socket is not connected", ("public" is the folder path)....the weird thing is that everything IS connected (via ethernet). I can see NAS (WD myworldbook 2tb) on the imac and navigate to it's folders and I can see my atv inside itunes on the imac. I am running the latest linksys FW.  Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated. Here is a summary; 

Model name: Linksys E3000  

Model number: E3000  

Serial number: CVQ01KC68722  

Firmware version: 1.0.04 build 6  

Operating system: Mac OS X 10.6.6 

Software version: 1.3.11006.1 

Connection type (WAN): DHCP  

IP address (LAN):  

IP address (WAN):  

Computer IP address:  

Hi Fpkjr, forget about my last post, I sorted everything out using the classic IT method, all good. I am interested in where the "high" setting is in the router setup though. Cheers.