Links won't sync to Apple TV


For a long time I’ve pasted links into the Infuse app on my phone and they would sync to the Apple TV with no problem. However, they no longer sync. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app (on both devices), signed out and back in to my iCloud (again, on both devices) & I’ve tried adding different links but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: It may be worth mentioning that links added from my laptop sync to my phone and vice versa. I’ve also tried to view my links on a different Apple TV to see if the device was the problem but nothing.

Do you have the same version of Infuse on all devices? If so, could you provide that version number?

Yes. I’m on: Version 7.0.2

are you running the app store version of Infuse on the Mac or are you still using the beta on any devices?

Using the App Store version on all devices.

I haven’t used that feature before so I’ll have to defer to other users that may have an idea of what’s causing your problem. Sorry. :grin:

No worries. Thank you!

You may check to ensure the correct Apple ID is set up as the ‘Default User’ on Apple TV.

The Apple TV supports multiple users for various things, but iCloud Sync can only be used with the Default user.

Some more info can be found here.

That’s it! All I had to do was make my user the default user and my links automatically synced.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


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