Link iOS app with tvOS for library control?

If you load the YouTube app onto your ATV and then open the YouTube app on your iOS device you can choose to link them. You are then given the ability to play videos on your Apple TV (it shows up as a cast receiver, not just an AirPlay receiver).

This means I can queue up and play videos without them then being dependant upon the iOS device. I’m not playing the video on the iOS device and mirroring it onto the tvOS device (or using the tvOS device as a second display), but am sending an internal trigger for the YouTube app on tvOS to load the video.

It would be good if this functionality could be incorporated into the iOS version of Infuse, so I can choose a video on my phone and my Apple TV will load it up. This means I can choose what video I want on an easier interface (touch screen will always be easier than buttons, even “virtual buttons”), do so while a video is currently playing, and would introduce the environment where video queuing could be implemented. Also would mean that no issue arise with airplaying when I minimise infuse on my phone, and it would be playing the video directly, so no issue with compression (or failing to airplay or cast altogether).