Link actor entries from different sources

Most of my content is in Emby which I have added linked to Infuse. I also have some content on a server which is directly accessed by Infuse.

When clicking on an actor I see only the movies/shows within the same location (Emby OR Infuse).

If I use the main Infuse search function to search for an actor the same actor will appear twice - one will show a list of content from Emby and the other will show a list of content that I’ve added directly to Infuse.

Can Infuse be altered to only show a single occurrence of each actor with the movies and shows combined?

I’m trying to get a single display of all the Movies available to me in Infuse with ,say, Tom Cruise In the cast. Is there any way to display all of those on one screen?

Should I use the search magnifying glass? Click on his headshot? Either? Also note my Infuse has my PMS and 2 shared PMSs.

I’m guessing this is caused by different actor IDs on Emby/Plex vs the IDs fetched from TMDb by Infuse.

We’ll need to look into this and see if there’s a good way to address this.

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Pretty much what the title says.
I have media coming into infuse from multiple sources, clicking through casts or crew doesn’t really capture all media. Even search page shows multiple selection item for the same person.